Food Facilities Guidelines to Reopen

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The Food Safety Program promotes healthy people and healthy communities through education and regulation of food service facilities. Darke County General Health District sanitarians are responsible for conducting plan reviews, complaint investigations and food safety assessments of food facilities to assure food safety and prevent food-borne illness. In Darke County, the licensed food facilities include restaurants, grocery stores, school kitchens, caterers, food vending machines, concession trailers, convenience stores and temporary food service operations at local events and festivals. Each of these facilities has owners, managers and employees who are expected follow state regulations and handle food in a proper manner.

Ohio Food Rules & Regulations

2019 Updates to the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code
Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code
Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-21 – Food Service Operations
Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 901:3-4 – Retail Food Establishments
Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3717: Retail Food Establishments; Food Service Operations
2016 Food Code Changes

Food Service Programs

Food Service Operation/ Retail Food Establishment
Mobile Food Service
Temporary Food Service

Food Safety

Level 1 & 2 Information and Training Opportunities
Food Safety Handouts
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