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A Food Service Operation is a place, location, site, or separate area where food intended to be served in individual portions is served for a charge or required donation.  An example of FSO include: restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, jail, coffee shops, candy shops.  A Retail Food Establishment is a premise or part of a premise where food is stored, processed, prepared, manufactured, or otherwise held or handled for retail sale.  An example of RFE include: grocery stores, meat shops, carryout pizza.

A Plan Review Packet  is required anytime a Food Service Operation or Retail Food Establishment is a New Construction, Remodel, or Change of License Holder.  This packet must be submitted prior to approval of any permits, including food licensing, plumbing, and building.  For questions contact 937-548-4196 ext. 206.

Need Help??  Here are some documents and information to help prepare your Plan Review Application:

Risk Level Requirements

Food Safety Training

Food Safety Handouts

Employee Health Policy

Cleaning and Disinfecting Bodily Fluids

Food Safety Links