What is Public Health?

Public health is a term that is used to encompass a variety of activities designed to prevent the spread of disease and promote optimal health.

Our Mission: To develop and maintain an efficient and effective system which will provide for the highest quality of public health services and to promote and protect the Darke County community’s physical, mental, social, and environmental well being.

Our Vision: Our vision is to be an innovative leader in achieving the highest possible health and wellbeing for Darke County and the environment.

What does the Darke County General Health District do for the community?

Local health departments were developed to provide an organized approach to public health activities in communities. Activities of the Darke County General Health District include immunizations, vital statistics, environmental health, nursing, emergency preparedness, communicable disease control, epidemiology and education.

Every time you visit campgrounds, restaurants, swimming pools, schools and grocery stores, the Darke County General Health District plays a role in protecting public health. The health department is also responsible for providing immunizations, performing epidemiological investigations, coordinating emergency response with other agencies, and providing public health education.

Health Commissioner’s Message

Terrence Holman, DVM, REHS

Whether you had lunch at a local restaurant, received an immunization at one of our clinics, or requested a copy of your birth certificate, Public Health had an important impact on your life and all others who live, work, and play in Darke County.  Through the process of seeking public health department accreditation, a journey started several years ago, your very own local health department has become not only more efficient and accountable, but is also on the brink of becoming nationally recognized for providing essential and quality Public Health services.  Our promise to you, the people of Darke County, is to remain committed to meeting and hopefully far exceeding your public health needs, whether it’s as simple as providing answers to your phone calls or keeping the county safe from potential disease outbreaks.