Accessibility: All risers, lids, motors, and inspection ports must be kept accessible at all times and not covered by decorative items, mulch, rocks, etc. Ensure all risers can be easily removed.


What is needed for Sandfilter Sewage Treatment Systems


Risers on the Inlet, Outlet, and Distribution Box. 8 Inch Inspection Port. Inlet and Outlet baffles in septic tank.


Inlet and Outlet Risers: Able to visibly see the plumbing entering into the septic tank and also exiting the tank, as well as visibly see the inlet and outlet baffles.


Inlet and Outlet Baffles: Ensure inlet and outlet baffles are present or replaced. The risers need to be directly above the inlet and outlet baffle to check the liquid levels. If an older tank exists and no lids are present, we still require two (2) lids to see both baffles. (You will need to make openings.) Often times a lid is actually present but it is very large.


Distribution Box: Able to see the entire box to view the condition, including the plumbing entering into the distribution box and exiting the distribution box. If the box is deteriorated it should be replaced. Replacing a distribution box can only be done by a registered installer.


8″ Inspection Port (Sandfilter): Able to visibly see the tile(s) inside the inspection port and be able to sample from this port, if necessary. This is located after the sandfilter but before main tile connection.