General Information

If subdividing land that has an existing home on the property, see “With existing home application”.
If subdividing land for new building lot, see Building lot application and Building lot page for additional information on building requirements.

If subdividing land with an existing home and to create an additional building lot, complete both Building lot application and “With existing home application”

Determine zoning requirements. If un-zoned, contact township trustee.

Determine acreage. If splitting off land, and any portion is going to be less than 20 acres, contact Curtis Yount at the County Commissioners’ office at 937-547-7381. Must go though Review Board.

Must meet all Health Department requirements for subdividing including, but not limited to submission of “With existing home application” and/or Building lot application, access to a working county tile, county ditch, or a stream that flows year round. If a county tile/ stream is not available on the property then recorded easements to such drainage must be obtained. Easement area must include where the tile is located to county tile/ stream. Must have enough room on lot for home, well, septic, structures, replacement septic area, etc. in order to be approved for subdividing.

Any existing septic system or new installation that goes through the subdividing process will be included in the Darke County Health Department’s Sewage Operational & Maintenance Program. The frequency of inspection is dependent upon the type of system.