Tattoo operations are regulated under Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-9. Currently there are five licensed facilities within Darke County. If you are interested in starting an operation, contact the Health Department at 937-548-4196 ext. 225.

Click here to access the Ohio Department of Health Body Art page and here for Ohio Tattoo Facility Regulations.


Tattoos have been growing in popularity. But as tattooing has spread so have the associated health risks; skin infections, allergic reactions, and blood-borne diseases. Infections that can theoretically be transmitted by the use of unsterilized tattoo equipment or contaminated ink include surface infections of the skin, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, and HIV. However, no person in the United States is reported to have contracted HIV via a commercially-applied tattooing process. Below is what you should look for before, during and after you get a tattoo.

– Do call your local health department before setting up an appointment to ensure that a tattoo business is licensed and has passed the latest inspection.
– Do be aware of your surroundings. A tattoo facility cannot be in a home unless it is licensed and separate from the living quarters.
– Do sign a consent form. The artist may copy your driver’s license as well for their record keeping which they have to make available for 2 years.
– Do ask questions. If you are leery of something the artist is doing or saying, speak up! This is your skin that is about to be punctured with needles so ask questions.
– Do watch the artist clean and disinfect the work area, equipment and the chair you will sit in.
– Do watch the artist wash their hands with soap and water and put on new, unused gloves in front of you.
– Do watch the artist open the package of needles in front of you. The majority of needles now come in disposable packaging, pre-sterilized, so they will be in their own individual package.
– Do make sure the artist never eats, drinks or smokes while performing your tattoo. No animals should be in the facility.
– Do make sure you receive verbal and written aftercare instructions.
– Please notify the health department of any concerns or questions you may have pertaining to the tattoo facility. 937-548-4196 ext. 209.

Plan Review Packet for New Facilities

Tattoo Application

Temporary Tattoo Application

Operator Employee Information

Parental Release Form

Statement of Attestation

Piercing Consent Form

Tattoo Consent Form