Posted on Jul 6, 2022

Service Contracts

The Darke County Health Department encourages homeowners to obtain a service contract with a registered service provider. If necessary, however, according to section 3701-29-23 (A) of the Ohio Administrative Code, the board of health may inspect any septic system at any reasonable time.


Question: What is a service contract?

Answer: A service contract is a written contractual agreement between the current homeowner and a registered service provider to provide services including the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) inspection.


Question: If I obtain a service contract do still pay the Health Department for my permit?

Answer: Yes, the homeowner will need to purchase the Operational and Maintenance (O&M) permit and subsequent renewals. If the homeowner obtains a service contract, that contract should be provided at time of payment so the inspection fee is not assessed.


Question: Will the health department come to my property if I have a contract?

Answer: In most circumstances the Health Department will allow the service provider to conduct the O&M monitoring; however, if there are any nuisance concerns, we may need to investigate those concerns. We also at times, need to monitor the service providers to assure they are following Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29 and the Board of Health Policies.


Question: I had my septic tank pumped and the Health Department still inspected my septic system. Why?

Answer: Having your septic tank pumped does not constitute an official Operational and Maintenance monitoring unless the pumper is also a registered service provider and you have a service contract.


Question: Do I have a service contract if my septic tank was pumped?

Answer: No. You would need to obtain a service contract from a registered service provider.